Welcome to Gizmo Racing USA!


Welcome,  we are happy to have you here checking out our space.

We are excited to bring the Gizmo Racing GZ1 to the American Market.  The car has many innovative features that have already, at a very early stage since it was released proven it to be a front runner at the highest level of Touring Car Racing, the ETS.

This is what brought us to create Gizmo Racing USA, and the reason why you are here I guess!

Now, a little background from Gizmo ApS, the parent company of Gizmo Racing.

(Taken from www.GizmoRacing.com) Gizmo ApS was founded in 2015 by Martin ”Fish” Christensen, Martin Lissau and Steen Graversen. The three owners have always been competing in serious RC racing, with multiple championships in the bag – EFRA EC, IFMAR WC and many more.

Gizmo has made it their missions to develop the finest RC racing products. Not just copying other well-known companies, like many other brands do. This is why the first Gizmo touring car, the GZ1, was developed and produced. The Gizmo GZ1 offers a brand new platform for 1-10 electric RC racing cars. The car differs a lot from other RC touring cars due to the motor mounted in dead center and lowered down into the chassis.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Gizmo Racing USA!

  1. hey. thinking about the car. it design for stock or open/mod what is the running weight. which is the breakable parts. looking online set ups.

    1. Much like any other car, it is designed to be run in any category. The design is not specific to any one class. Running weight is dependent on equipment and ballast added. However, it is extremely light weight. Set-ups will be posted on the reference page as we get them developed.

  2. Hello:)

    Some parts of GZ1 is far simillar to that of awesomatix’s touring a800.

    Is it same manufacturing site like OEM? Or something?

    1. Yes, we share some items with the Awesomatix line of touring cars.

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