Hobbywing XR10 Justock 45A ESC



Hobbywing XR10 Justtock ESC for your Gizmo GZ1.  This is a great, affordable ESC for Spec Racing!  No better buy in the market today.

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    • Compact design for easy installation.
    • Compatible with sensored/sensorless brushless motors. In sensor mode, it’s compatible with most popular sensor- brushless motors on the market. In sensorless mode, it’ s compatible with 99% of brushless motors on the market.
    • Aluminum housing top with excellent heat dissipation and great current endurance.
    • The timing has been permanently set to 0 degree. With the identical competition motor, this ensures that every driver will have the same power system.
    • Proportional brake with 4 steps of maximum brake force, 8 steps of drag brake force and 4 steps of initial brake force.
    • 9 levels of acceleration/ punch from “soft” to “aggressive” for different vehicles, tires and tracks.
    • Multiple protections: motor lock-up protection, low-voltage cutoff protection, thermal protection and fail safe (throttle signal loss protection).
    • Single-button ESC programming and factory reset.
    • Advanced programming via portable LED program card or multifunction LCD program box. ( Purchase separately)
    • Firmware upgrade via HOBBYWING multifunction LCD program box (purchase separately).
    • Cooling fan is included.
    • HOBBYWING’s Innovative heat dissipation structure aluminum bottom case improves the heat dissipation – Patent pending
    • Pre-soldered professional grade gauge wires
Specification XR10 Justock
Current Continuous:60A, Burst: 380A
Input * Note #1 2-3S LiPo or 4-9 cells NiMH/NiCd
Built-in BEC 6V@2A (linear mode BEC)
ESC programming Via RX Cable (or Throttle Control Cable)
Motor Supported Sensor and sensorless brushless motor
Motor KV Limit With 2 Lipo or 4-6 NiMH
1/10 on-road: >=8.5T, 1/10 off-road: >=11.5T

With 3 Lipo or 7-9 NiMH
1/10 on-road: >=13.5T, 1/10 off-road: >=17.5T

Suitable Car 1/10,1/12 all competitions
1/10,1/8 rock crawler
Cooling Fan Powered by  stable BEC 6V
Size 33.5mm(L) * 28.5mm(W) * 30.5mm(H)
Weight 59.8g (w/o wires, cooling fan)
* Note #1
4-6 cells NiMH/NiCd or 2S LiPo, the standard cooling fan needn’t be changed.
For 7-9 cells NiMH/NiCd or 3S LiPo, the standard cooling fan needs to be changed to 12V high voltage fan.

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