About us

Welcome to our about us page.

Gizmo Racing USA was founded in May 2016 by Cristian Tabush of Reflex Racing/ RSD.  Our goal was to help promote this innovative racing platform in the American Market and bring it to the front of the pack at club, regional and National Level events around the land. Since the first time we layed our eyes on the car, we always felt the Gizmo and the RSD line of cars fit well along each other and  the alliance of the brands was simply a great fit us.

Fast Forward to 2017 and Gizmo Racing USA takes over the full design and development of the platform.  The GZ1 2017 was the first car developed under the full direction of the USA team.  The goal was to make a more durable car for the American Style Indoor Racing Circuits that dominate the market.  This led us to release the GZ2 in late 2017, which was the first step towards our Conventional layout platform that came to be known as the Beta and later on the Gizmo Genesis.

Know that when you buy into the Gizmo family, you are buying an innovative American platform, you are buying from a small business and you are buying from a long time group of enthusiasts that do it for the love of the hobby.   We are a small boutique manufacturer with a small staff and team and we take on the big budget manufacturers all the time, and often, we come out on top!

We are excited to have you over at GizmoRacingUSA.com. We hope we can serve you in the near  and far future.  If we can offer any support of any kind, please contact us via email at : [email protected]