Gizmo Racing GZ1 High Traction Conversion Kit – Carbon Chassis

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Gizmo GZ1 High Traction conversion Kit

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This conversion kit is the next evolution for your GZ1.  Designed for higher grip and hot weather conditions, this conversion kit uses 4 aluminum bulkheads and detached side rails as the base for the car.

Our main area of focus was increased rigidity at the bulkheads in order to provide higher corner speeds in high grip or hot weather.  Additionally the newly designed bulkheads move the shock towers to the opposite side of the shocks allowing for more triangulation of the upper arms which allow for a more rigid structure that is more durable and increases response and durability.  The 1 pc bulkheads and CF upper arm mounts add practically no weight to the car and actually lower the CG of the the car by moving more of the aluminum at a lower position on the chassis. The rear toe link is also now detached from the upper arm link, leading to easier adjustments and combined with 4 screw access to the diff, the car is now far easier to work on.

The bulkheads now also allow for a cross brace, much like the rail stiffeners to be installed under the sway bar to increase bulkhead rigidity even further for when conditions call for it. Due to the bulkhead design, new shock towers are provided, as a bonus both std length and short shock towers are included in the kit.

The last part of the evolution we focused on was the lower arms.  Now made out of tough 7075-T6 aluminum alloy and made 1mm shorter, the response and direction changes of the car are far more effective and due to the material, the lower ball and the P04 do not pop out or get damaged as easily.  Combined with our new lower shock mounts, the result is far more precise and the chassis kit more responsive across all racing conditions.

The Kit Includes:


-4 7075-T6 Bulkheads

-4 Upper Arm Plastics

-4 Upper Arm Balls

-4 Upper Arm Mounts

-4 7075-T6 Lower Arms

-4 7075-T6 Lower Shock Mounts

-4 7075-T6 Vertical Top Deck Mounts

-2 2.5mm Vertical Top Decks

– F&R Std Length Shock Towers

-F&R Short Shock Towers (for XRAY T4 type shocks)

The conversion kit is compatible with both original and 2017 GZ1 kits


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