Gizmo GZ1 in Spec Classes Pt.1 – 21.5 USGT

Hi folks!  I know many are curious with as to how the GZ1 may do in spec classes, personally I wanted to see it as well so that I can better inform our end users of the advantages and disadvantages of our platform. The biggest objection people give to the car (even more than the 2 spurs) is that it uses a shorty pack.  It is hard to convince people that it does not provide as big of a disadvantage power wise as they may think.  So with that in mind, 2 weeks ago,  I decided to fit my car with a 21.5T motor along with USGT Tires and body, ( USGT is a spec class in the USA that uses Ride Racing  Treaded, non-belted tires, a 21.5T motor and any Scale Type -non sedan “T2” body).

On the surface, let me give you some data, we’ll go into some analysis later on:
Track Results: 
With my Yokomo BD7 2016 the fast lap on the track was a 10.39
With the Gizmo GZ1  the fast lap was 10.103
With the Yokomo BD7 2016 the fade in the run was 3-4 tenths of a second over 6 minutes
With the Gizmo GZ1 the Fade in the run was consistently 2.5- 3 tenths of a second over 6 minutes

Analysis of the results: 
The Gizmo GZ1 overheats the tires less and is more composed and stable, and this leads to very consistent overall time.  Maybe even less fade.  The power on both cars seems to hit a wall around 5:45 into the run, so I am thinking it may be motor heat related. However when the Gizmo fades a bit on power, its nimbleness shines as the car glides through the corners and looses minimal speed.  The tires squeal far less, they don’t peel off the wheel as much and keep more grip through out the 6 minute run.
When looking at the results, we have to keep in mind that 3 elements are what create fade over a run: 1.voltage 2.tire heat and 3.motor heat.   I believe that even if the voltage sags slightly more on the short pack (every indication and consultation with battery experts is that the average voltage is about .1 volt less on a short pack over the usable range of a full size battery) the advantage in less tire overheating seems to be larger than the loss of power.  The lap times seem to back that data up as the car is faster on hot lap, average lap, overall time and fades less over 6 minutes- the latter which was hard to believe.
Why is there less tire fade? I believe this is due to the balance of the car.  The GZ1 does not have the motor hanging off to the side creating an imbalance on the overall weight distribution at each corner of the car.  Some cars are better (like the A800), but nothing comes remotely close to the overall balance of the GZ1.  The picture below shows the car on corner scales.  This is done with equal preload on the shocks and a 25G weight plate under the ESC and a 6g weight under the spurs.  Any other car in the market can be balanced well left to right, but in order to have the corner weights balance out, the cars would require about 40-50 g of weight on the right rear corner of the car, and guess what else?  A shorty or low capacity  battery!!!

Additional Images:
Gizmo GZ1 Corner Weights
Gizmo GZ1 Corner Weights


GZ1 Side View Front
GZ1 Side View Front
RSD GZ1 Weight Plates
RSD GZ1 Weight Plates

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