Gizmo 2019 BETA Kits

Hi Guys!  We are coming up on the time of the year when we revamp the platform. We have been hard at work on the new version of the kit, thanks to the feedback of our customers and our team guys. We have been running this version of the car since around November last year, comparing it to our traditional platform and bench marking against it. Recently at MHIC Cristian Tabush ran the car in both 17.5 and Modified and had some solid results.  Zac Donathen won the B main in 21.5  as well with his and it was the first weekend with the car.  We are really excited of the performance of the new cas, and really the development this more traditional platform is just starting. We are choosing to call this stop gap version of the car a BETA, and instead of just doing a conversion kit, we are releasing a few limited edition kits.

The BETA, in short is a replica of the prototype car the team has been running recently. We have been approached by many people wanting to be a part of the development of this platform and we though this was the best way of making the project come to life. It’s sort of like a kick-starter, but also a BETA testing program to make sure the platform gets developed to its fullest potential. If you guys get a BETA, you will be a part of the development program for the production platform that we will shoot to release in September/ October as we have for the past 2 versions. We are offering 3 different levels of the BETA cars in both alloy and carbon versions: a conversion kit, a BETA KIT and a BETA TEAM Plus Kit. The Beta conversion allows you to turn your GZ2 into a 2019 Beta. The Beta Kit is a 2019 Roller Kit and the Beta Team Plus kit includes the kit, plus whatever revised items the Production kits include and a 40% discount on parts and accessories for the ’19-’20 racing season (until the next version of the car comes).

Gizmo 2019 Conversion Kit

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  1. Who’s the UK distributor please as getting customers asking

    1. At the Moment, we have no UK Distributor

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